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Thread: Macbook pro 10.9 VMware, most compatible wifi adapter

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    Macbook pro 10.9 VMware, most compatible wifi adapter

    I've just installed kali under vmware on my macbook pro mid 2012.

    As booting from a pen drive is a harder way than Virtual machine i want to buy an external high power wifi adapter (as i'll use it usually instead of airport).
    The fact is, what is the most compatible interface with both kali linux under VMware and with osX mavericks (10.9)?

    i was looking the famous alpha adapters (like this
    but i see this:
    which seems to have better reception because of the dual antennas and much faster than the alpha (due to the N connection).

    Important: as im using a macbook pro i don't think more than 1w power will be a good idea, i don't want to burn my usb ports, this is why i discard alpha N which is 2w)

    Is there any compatible wifi adapter like the second which works under kali linux (that support injection, of course)?

    What is the best choice for what i want to do?

    I'll be really pleased if anyone can help me with this fact.
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    i've seen this:

    if anyone can confirm if its compatible with both osx Mavericks and kali linux i think this will be my choice.

    On the other hand the facts without i'm not sure is about the power (2000mW), i don't know if my macbook pro mid 2012 can supply it without heating so much (i have the option of using a powered usb hub but i prefer not to use it).

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    Don't worry, you will never burn a USB port, even a 1.1, because you put a device that can work with 2000mw.
    The worth thing that can happen is that the energy supplied is not enough and your device doesn't work properly or doesn't work at all.
    And the device will not be destroyed for being used with less power.

    Actually your power is usually fixed at 20 dbm and needto be raised up manually with a root shell

    The question would be : Why do you want to raise the power? That won't improve your sensibility.

    Regarding mac os compatibiliy this for sure an issue, as always with this operative system.
    Check carefully on their documentation, if i remember well rt3070 is not longer supported after moutain lion because the OS cannot use 32 bits dirvers while older 64 bits 5 snow leopard etc...)
    I guees you might find some mac geeck forum where they devellop their own package and tricks, like macuarium
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    i've found this:
    so i think i can get this working :

    i don't know if its works with kali (i hadn't found anything on the internet)

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    No! The realteck N USB chipset are not working good with monitor mode and injection.
    So that the only alfa USB adaptator that is not working properly,
    you need a device fullky supported linux wireless drivers
    Ralink N USB ( RT3070 and derivate ), atheros USB (ar 9271, carl1970 ) are the best choices...
    wow i forgot the RTL8187l, the reference chipset.

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    Ok, so i think i'll choose this one:
    the same vendor has a beta driver for it working under osx 10.8
    chipset ralink RT 3070

    do you think this is a fake alfa?
    i don't know if paying more for the first one (tope rated vendor) or choosing the second which is cheaper....

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    do you think this is a fake alfa?
    Very hard to say, they are a lot of fake around, you'd better use an official disitributor, it won't be more expensive, 30 $ is what you will find around in an official resailor.
    Do you live in USA (i guess because the page price is in dollar ) ?
    I ask you this because i know a cople of good official reliable Alfa network official re-sailor BUT they won't deliver in America without extra expense, just in Europe.... So if you live on the American continent you'd better look for a local official re-sailor

    On the picture of the device of e-bay I do not see something weird... but that just photos.... If you want to be sure... official resailor, don't seek for the pennywise it is not wise.

    chipset ralink RT 3070
    works very finein all aspects, just forr asociating with reaver don't forget to bring up your wlan interface.
    (sudo) ifconfig wlanX up
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    why the vendor says it shows less signal strength in G routers than the awus036H model?
    Maybe i should check the only H model if i want to usb mainly g type connection?

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    why the vendor says it shows less signal strength in G routers than the awus036H model?
    because the rtl8187l is the chipset with the highest sensibility, but as you know it is just working with b/g
    The rtl8187l is still the reference chipset in terms of mode monitor/injection/aircrack-ng/mdk3/reaver

    Maybe i should check the only H model if i want to usb mainly g type connection?
    Why not? I guess you have a pretty good internal N card that could be used to connect in N mode if you want to
    For hacking rtl8187l is fantastic, for the rest.... you definitely doesn't have the same quality than a N chipset if the router uses b-g-n
    It wouldn't be my first choice in terms of connectivity
    For hacking yes
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    Just have get h model and start using it under vmware, with both kali and windows without any problem.

    Havent tried to install mac drivers cause it works with kismac as it is.

    Now im thinking to get a dual band one ( as alfa awus051nh) or another better and mac compatible,but thats another point.

    Thanks a lot for helping so much and so faster

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    Hi there!
    I am myself in a very similar situation to OP's. I'm going to buy a new USB card to use with Kali, via VMware, on a late-2011 Macbook Pro running Mavericks.
    I have been thinking of buying an Alfa AWUS036H since I think I won't need an "n" compatibile device. So far I agree with kcdtv when he/she says:
    Quote Originally Posted by kcdtv View Post
    Why not? I guess you have a pretty good internal N card that could be used to connect in N mode if you want to.
    What I'm wondering is: what happens if I try to hack a "n" network with a non-"n" card? I've never found myself in such a scenario actually.

    As a side note, my Macbook Pro's WiFi card works fine with Kali even in passive mode, but creating a bootable USB pen drive is a pain in the **** when dealing with most of Apple's notebooks. That's why a virtual machine fits better.

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