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Thread: How to silence system beeps?

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    How to silence system beeps?


    I'm new to this distro, I just found out about it today from the BT blog, I'm excited to explore this distro and put it to work!

    One thing I can't figure out though, how do I stop the system beeps when navigating the first menu before launching the distro?
    I have Kali on a thumbdrive, when I boot into it before loading the actual system, there is a little menu and whenever I arrow up/down i hear a system beep. It's pretty annoying and it makes me laugh to see the old BT slogan "The quieter you become ... " yet I can't silence this loud system beep.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Have a look into /isolinux/menu.cfg there is a ^G in the title of the Bootloader screen this is the ascii bell remove it and there will be no sound

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    simply open the iso in a hex editor and look for '07' near the menu.cfg entries and edit it to 20 or something else, that the bootmanager doesn't bother
    actually, you have to edit more than just one entry. it exists a couple of times
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