Musket Team B has written error code handling for mac code entries made by users when setting up pwnstar9.0 This routine picks up the most significant errors made by users when entering a 17 character mac code in hex.

A copy of the Pwnstar Program Musket Teams use with this error code handling embedded can be downloaded at:

There is nothing wrong with the stock version!! If you want to continue using the stock Pwnstar9.0 simply cut and paste the routine into the stock version and test. Go to line 389 which is the start of the routine in the the Musket Team Version ending at line 526. In the stock PwnStart9.0 program this routine must be inserted after line 373 of the stock version. Suggest you compare the two(2) versions and adjust line spacing as necessary then test. The Musket version also cleans out all monitors before starting and sets the backgrounds in Eterm Pages.