Kali didn't recognized at install time my eth card nor my wifi card. I've seen some solutions from the ubuntu forums which may not be appliable for Kali 1.0.5.

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I can download in another machine the compat drivers and then apply the alx-patch OR I can compile the 3.10-2 kernel and then:

make defconfig-alx
As I don't have internet access and I can only move files to my Kali with an USB stick and I need the linux-headers somehow. Could you tell me how should I retrieve the linux-headers? (3.7-trunk-amd64) and how to install them then in my kali? (probably a apt_get install will do the trick, but first apt-get need to verify it has access to the headers.

Furthermore, What is better idea: compile compat-drivers-3.9-rc2-2-su.tar.bz2, apply the alx-patch and then install or compile the backport at https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/ker...3.10-2.tar.bz2 and install the delconfig-alx? The only information I found about this was for Ubuntu.