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    crunch 3.5

    Hello everyone and Merry Christmas

    I am pleased to announce the release of crunch 3.5 which is available at

    version 3.5 changelog
    make changes to the man based on suggestions from Jari Aalto
    pass pidret to void to make warning go away
    rename GPL.TXT to COPYING
    removed need for -o to use -c i.e. you can use -c any time now
    fixed resume crash issue
    fixed linecount and size when using -c and/or -e

    Please let me know if you have any problems.
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    Hi bofh28 !

    I am trying to generate a 10 characters-long passwords list with crunch, but i cannot customize them the way I want, which is:

    - 10 characters long
    - Using only these characters : ABCDF12345679 (5 uppercase letters and 8 digits)
    - The 6th character should ALWAYS be a number
    - There should not be 2 consecutive letters or more (I mean, I do not want AA, BB, nor AAA, BBB, etc.)
    - There could be 2 consecutive numbers, but not more (basically, I would like to see some 22, 33 etc, but nevers 222, 333, or more)
    - And finally - and what is probably the hardest to get - a character should not appear more than 4 times in the password. That means I can have something like "22B226CD97" but never something like "22B2262292".

    So far, I have tried these commands, but they don't seem to work:

    crunch 10 10 ABCDF12345679 -t @@@@@%@@@@ -d 0, -d 2% > test.txt

    crunch 10 10 ABCDF12345679 -t @@@@@%@@@@ -d 2@ -d 0, > test.txt

    I would be very glad if you could help me to customize my wordlist!


    EDIT: Did not see the -r option was implemented in maskprocessor 0.70. It did the trick, and somewhat faster than crunch. Cheers.
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