Help creating a live usb to dual boot os x / kali? Formatted a usb flash drive with over 100GB of free space with GUID partition tables, Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format. End up with an error after issuing the dd command... Something along the lines of "disk you've inserted is not readable." It also will not show up at boot.

Been turning my wheels to solve this problem for some time now- i am aware of these instructions as well as this thread

It seems many people are running into the same error as me in which the dd command results in an unreadable disk for os x- for me the same happened with an optical drive. I have yet to find a solution online or elsewhere. It seems this problem only occurs with Kali linux distro, although i'm yet to test it with a debian based (or other) distro. Sha1 checksum is identical to the one on the site, so my download is safe...

This may seem like a noob question- but is it impossible to create a live image within a GUID formatted partition and boot from that partition in the HD? I'm just trying to find a way to successfully dual boot this.. at the worst i can figure out a live usb disk with persistence, just need the disk to work foist.

Running osx 10.6.8, any ideas would be greatly appreciated .