Hi everyone,

i just bought an acer e1-731-4675 laptop with windows8

kali install went smooth once i changed the bios to legacy setting.

the problem is that i seem to need an intel hd4000 graphics patch. i have located what may be the right one here. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Det...09%09%09%09%09

the problem is that i dont know how to install the patch blind. i currently get just the slightest shadow of an image on the screen, but not enough to be able to navigate. i can get an xterm up, but can't read the text.

i'm guessing i can extract the .iso, add the patch, and then install the patch along with the o/s. problem is i don't know the steps involved. i can certainly unpack the .iso but am not sure where the patch should go or how it should be prepared.

any help would be appreciated.

thank you.