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Thread: Intel 7260 wireless card not recognized

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    Intel 7260 wireless card not recognized

    I recently just got an Acer aspire m5 and I had to upgrade to kali linux because my bt5r3 distro couldn't support it. Ever since I downloaded the 64 bit version I've been battling it what seems like every time I use it. My latest problem is, is I can't get it to recognize my wireless card, I even manually installed the .ucode firmware from iwlwifi to /lib/firmware and it still won't work. I know I have a fairly new card but I've read on other forms that it's supported. I'm missing something incredibly stupid, what is it?

    Acer aspire m5
    Intel core i7
    Intel 7260 wireless card
    Iwlwifi is fully upgraded
    Iwlwifi firmware-7260-7
    Iwlwifi firmware-7260-8

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    Check out this thread, I just resolved the problem with the same card

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    After days of searching and trying stuff, I just followed the instructions by chili555 at and my wifi is finally working. I'm running an ASUS Q302LA with kernel 3.14 and an Intel AC7260 wireless card (device 08b1, subsystem device 4c70.)

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