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Thread: kali 1.05 optimus in samsung s5 laptop

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    Question kali 1.05 optimus in samsung s5 laptop

    Hello everybody

    I've recently installed kali 1.05 in my laptop next to windows 8 and ubuntu.
    I have'nt had any problem installing bumblebee in ubuntu, but in kali I can't even find the repo/packages...every guide leads me to debian sid repos, butit seems kali doesn't use them, and I'd rather not to compile them from, what areyou guys doing to spolve this problem?

    PD: repo at is no longer available

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    if anybody is interested, I solved the problem adding sid repos, installing the packages I needed and later disabling those I've got optimus technology working on my laptop and I can switch between both graphic cardswith optirun

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