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Thread: Dual boot vs Vmware: Do I lose Kali functionalities with virtualization?

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    Cool Dual boot vs Vmware: Do I lose Kali functionalities with virtualization?

    Hi everyone,

    I have Windows 8 as my main OS and I'm used to have a bunch of VMware boxes for specialized functions.
    I'm engaged in a self training in Kali Linux what I will use for security study.

    At first look I believe Kali Linux would perform better in a dual boot setup, having direct access to the HW.
    Software functions like SQL Injection tools and others I believe there will be no problem
    However, I'm not sure if HW functions like Wireless attacks can be done in a virtualized box even in Bridge Mode.

    Do you have such experience? What will I lose by having VMWare instead of dual box.

    And just to explain, I tried to dual boot...
    but I would like to keep Secure Boot ON and the present solutions for enabling Kali Linux to do it is too complex.

    Best regards

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    what adapter do you use?

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    Yes you can still do wireless pen-testing in VMs. Same as without a VM, you need to have a compatible wireless adapter with the compatible chipset (there are multiple forums here on this exact topic). I am setting up a dual boot right now because of the processing power. I want to be able to more accurately control how kali utilizes my processors instead of vmware managing them. Also I have read that ARP spoofing software like ettercap works better outside of a virtual environment, and if you think about it, it just might be true as there isn't that extra layer of translation to go through.
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    (1) Dell Wireless 1705 802.11b/g/n (Atheros Communications)
    (2) Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller
    RTL8106, 8136 or 8168 (from Windows, I'm not sure which of them)

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