Hi everyone,

I have Windows 8 as my main OS and I'm used to have a bunch of VMware boxes for specialized functions.
I'm engaged in a self training in Kali Linux what I will use for security study.

At first look I believe Kali Linux would perform better in a dual boot setup, having direct access to the HW.
Software functions like SQL Injection tools and others I believe there will be no problem
However, I'm not sure if HW functions like Wireless attacks can be done in a virtualized box even in Bridge Mode.

Do you have such experience? What will I lose by having VMWare instead of dual box.

And just to explain, I tried to dual boot... https://forums.kali.org/showthread.p...all-Kali-Linux
but I would like to keep Secure Boot ON and the present solutions for enabling Kali Linux to do it is too complex.

Best regards