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Thread: How to make sure kali is installed correctly?

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    How to make sure kali is installed correctly?


    I have installed kali on my old laptop but along the way i found a few problems like:

    missing firmware: iwlwifi-1000-5.ucode (some more of those with a different number after 1000-) rtl_nic/rtl8168d-1.fw

    i used a few hours searching for fixes only to realize they actually were where they were supposed too (that surprised me a little maybe they are defect?)

    still it feels like something wrong are there a guide/way to check if ur kali and everything installed is working properly?
    the only guide i could find that looked a little like what i was looking for was:
    i am using a computer i bought from a friend and there is no labels about anything what is inside the computer i been looking for guides that can tell me how to find it but with no luck

    Because of all that i decided to make my very first forum post (i always only read thing never posted)

    basicly i have been searching for theese things:

    A guide to find hardware check compability and install the missing things
    And a guide te check if everything is installed and working correctly

    i hope someone can point me in the direction of those topics i dont expect any easy solutions but a little kick in the right direction could be nice

    i hope i posted this right and i will look forward to ur answer


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    Is the computer running windows if so you can check in device manager if not you can try a system reinstall on the laptop
    this is usually done at the post screen (this will probably flash up for about 2 to 5 secs, so you need to be quick) by pressing one of the F keys this could be anything most often F2 or by using a supplied
    disk this will install windows and all the nescessary drivers for your laptop and in device manager you will see what hardware is installed.

    Long way round I know but short of opening the laptop (which can be a pain) I have no other advice.

    Here is a link that may be of help to you

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