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Thread: Accessing temp web server with logs during fail installation (virtualbox)

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    Accessing temp web server with logs during fail installation (virtualbox)

    Hello. I am a novice but was looking forward to try out Kali on win7 host virtualbox, and have run into a problem - installation reports fail, and I let it write error logs by raising temp web server (index of which is reported to be at, but I have no idea how to access this server to read logs.

    I tried stuff on my own (both in guest linux terminal and host win7), and searched google and this forum but didn't manage to find useful info. I can ping from terminal but don't know command to access it, and from win7 address is invisible. I guess Kali is not meant to be noob friendly, but it would be nice if installation manual gets updated with info on how to connect to server and retrieve log information.

    I hope someone can help me out, thanks for your time.

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    Hello, since this was written I managed to install without fail and its sweet. Running windows and having power of Kali Linux in other screen is awesome. Right now I'm learning how to become and stay anonymous.

    Not sure what helped with installation not failing - either downloading installation image again (more likely it was corrupted), or checking the option "Enable PAE/NX" in virtualbox settings/system/processor (although this is reported to make crash later after installation is done).

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