ok, but I really liked the handshake routine in the previous version. I don't think that automating things to the point of not having Deauth packets option is the way to go. Let FS do most of the work, but let the user some room to try different things. 'Artificial intelligence' and automated functions are very tricky. As an example, just use MS Word with its auto-correct functions, and that thing is dumb as a stick and counter productive.

I would focus on the basic premise of FS "saving the user time" and "reducing user input errors", rather than automating attacks. They seem to be one and the same thing, but there is a big difference between both philosophy. One eliminate redundant tasks and human error, the other limits choices and may lead to failure. Big difference between the two.

Let me know if you want me to test anything, except the Pixiewps attack, which I don't understand, even when automated