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Thread: md5sums not correct

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    On I tried the bit torrent link to your 32 bit download. Your md5sum listed on your web page is 518aad75c2c5f1c60b2068760712f7e82c02d703. After downloading I checked the image to make sure it was correct. I also tried running md5sum on the folder with the iso in it. I decided to try using wget and using your http download but the image was exactly the same. On the iso only I got 183fc5e33e598d0ea6c199189a207f7e and on the folder with the iso in it I got 15fa35206fd50386295acd8885e22e283d89bf9c. I noticed that when using the wget I was redirected to another download site. Is this md5sum correct for your 32 bit iso or not?

    Thank you.

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    Its not MD5 that is listed on the website, but SHA1.

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    g0tmi1k is correct, you can verify the SHA1 string for integrity using the command I pasted below.

    This is just an example: Change the directory and file name to your specifications.

    sha1sum /home/user/kali_Linux.iso

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