I have Kali 1.06 installed on a Raspberry Pi (thanks for all the fixes, by the way) with two Edimax 7811Un USB wifi dongles (RTL8192cu chipset) on a powered hub. Wlan0 has a static address that isn't being used right now and wlan1 is on my home WPA2 network. Regardless of using a keyboard or SSHing into the Pi, whenever I perform a network download of any meaningful size, I get this error:

rtw_cmd_thread: DriverStopped(0) SurpriseRemoved(1) break at line 482

Before I get the error, I can SSH in just fine, change configuration files, move around ... I can wget a few small files just fine ... but when I try apt-get update or apt-get install, that error pops up.

And once that appears, I lose network connectivity (despite ifconfig still showing my old home DHCP IP) until I reboot by either the command prompt via keyboard or pulling the plug. If I'm out of the house and SSH'd in, I'm just screwed until I get back home.

Googling only shows me one other instance (on a music forum, but the user is also on a Raspberry Pi with the same USB NIC).

Where is that error coming from? What do I need to do to fix it or keep it from appearing in the first place?