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Thread: Detect someone on network mitm?

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    Detect someone on network mitm?

    Using kali, is there a way to detect someone on network doing a mitm attack?

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    The most common technique for MITM is to use ARP poisoning. To learn about the process, put a promiscuous sniffer on to your LAN and use a tool such as arpspoof or ettercap to do the MITM; and a tool like wireshark to monitor the packets. IDS type tools such as SNORT are capable of automatically spotting these attacks.
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    use wireshark for get thats packet , then sniff it , open armitage , scam the networking using nmap os detect , u will have the attacker ip in local network , reattack him and its okay .

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    If he/she is ARP spoof, run "arp -a". If your router IP resolves to a MAC already listed, then you are being MITM'ed. Also there is an ettercap plugin that can detect this.
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    You can use these 2 scripts to detect MITM attacks. I don't take credit for either I just happen to have them both in my script collection.

    Link to script:

    Here's a link for a python version I just uploaded it for you guys called

    I pasted the bash script below for those who don't want to click the link. Don't worry I don't paste dumb links for AdFly or any of that ****. Hope this helps!

    # A fully customisable ARP spoofing detection script
    # Copyright (C) 2008 vladz <>
    # This tool will prevent yourself against Man-In-The-Middle attacks. For
    # better usage run this script in a xterm:
    # $ xterm -e "/bin/bash"

    f="/proc/net/arp" # Dump file of the kernel ARP table
    t=5 # Time interval between two checks (in sec)
    m="- WARNING - MITM detected" # Alert msg displayed when MITM occurs
    d="+%y/%m/%d-%H:%M:%S" # Date format style

    while true; do
    sleep ${t}; awk '{if(x[$4]++) exit 1;}' ${f} || \
    { printf "*** At %s %s ***\n" "`date ${d}`" "${m}"; cat ${f}; }
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    Wireshark, will pick it up instantly.

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