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Thread: Terminal opens slowly, when not connected to internet. opens normal speed when conn.

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    Terminal opens slowly, when not connected to internet. opens normal speed when conn.

    I am experiencing an annoying problem with kali 1.0.6:
    When I am not connected to the internet, opening a Terminal takes quite a while.
    When connected, it is opening almost instantly.

    My bashrc:
    I am not sure, it should be the same, except for the last line.

    Could you help me resolving this issue?
    preload is already installed, opening was not slower nor faster before.

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    It happenes with standard terminal, root terminal and terminator.
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    I can replicate it by changing my Kali HOST name but leaving some of the configurations left out. I came across this behavior when I tried to modify a script to generate random hostname at each boot

    1. My fix was to edit the loopback line in /etc/hosts to include both the short system alias and the full name thus:
      Code: localhost.localdomain localhost kali
      where FQDN Domain name can be found by using the following command
      domainname -f
    2. Another solution is to fix framebuffer by reinstalling Nouveau drivers if you're using NVIDIA Graphics card.
    3. The last solution I found was quite interesting, apparently at least one user set a background for GNOME-Terminal which was LARGE is size and it seems Gnome-Terminal couldn't render it properly. Solution was to uncheck get back to default settings (use theme or transparent background) and remove any coloring options you might have.

    p.s. your pastebin file is deleted

    Look into Arch Linux forums, many similar examples.
    Good luck.

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    Thank you for the answer.

    Am I right the script you created in the random-hostname-article includes the editing of the loopback?
    I installed the script, but the Problem is still there - and I really like a changing name.

    How do I reinstall the Nouveau drivers?
    Can I use them side-by-side with the NVidia drivers?

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    I used your script with the long and short hostnames and it didnot work either.
    I then threw the script out of the boot process and made it a shutdown and reboot script using this:

    Now the terminals seem to start properly

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