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Thread: [FIXED] Dell Vostro 3350 fans running at full speed on Kali-Linux

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    [FIXED] Dell Vostro 3350 fans running at full speed on Kali-Linux

    With live-cd or hdd installation of Kali-Linux 1.0, I got my laptop fan run constantly (Vostro 3350) and make lots of noise and heat.

    It turned out that this issue is with graphic card GPUs as vostro has two GPUs (Intel and Radeon) and Radeon drivers are buggy . using lm-sensors and sensors-applet the radeon temprature was constantly at 63c and this kicked the fan at high speed.

    One alternative to fix this is to disable modeset on radeon:
    options radeon modeset=0
    reboot, and after while fan stops working when you are on battery. Currently with wifi on I have around 4:30 hours battery (You should also setup laptop-mode-tools for power saving.)

    Fans goes on and off every now and then but it is way quiter than before.

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    Hy! I'll set radeon modeset to 0 but nothing change. The fans running also continuously.

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    Thanks for the tip pi3ch, I had installed Kali a few days ago, and noticed the fan was constantly running, but was testing other things before looking into this. I have not tried on battery, but plugged in my fan now cycles.

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    Would installing the latest catalyst driver help?

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