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Thread: Corrupted partions & cant boot kali or windows

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    Corrupted partions & cant boot kali or windows

    Hello all,
    I recently thought it would be a good idea to install Kali on a second partition of my laptop as I am trying to learn network security / pen testing.
    Everything went fine at beginning, boot onto the live USB and install the thing. After it is all installed (including GRUB bootloader) I can no longer boot windows, no worries though, this is a common thing and a seemingly easy fix.
    I cant remember teh exact solution, but it was using testDisk and fixing the MBR.

    After doing this, I restart and can no longer boot into either Kali or Win 8.
    I get an
    "An operating system wasn't found. try disconnecting any drives that dont contain an operating system.
    Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

    I have tried booting onto a recovery drive, and running startup repair. This did not work (get windows was unable to repair...")
    I have tried bootrec /fixmbr bootrec /fixboot bootrec /fixbcd bootrec /scanos
    the last to return that 0 windows installs were found.
    I have tried Boot-repair-disk which did not work, but seems to have gathered some valuable info:

    I have a debian (Kali) live USB that I can boot into and connect to internet with, and a working win 8 recovery USB.

    its fine if I lose the kali partition with repairs, but would hate to loose my windows as I have a ton of school/work things on there and it would be a huge pain to have to backup/restore those first.

    Also, I have 2 different hardrives, a 1tb internal HDD that came with laptop (home of Kali), and a kingston SSD that houses my windows 8

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    look , if you installed the GRUB on the MBR then you'll need to fix the MBR , if you pressed NO (as u should have done ) and installed it on your new ext drive then you probably marked the new drive as bootable , you will find it in the installer ,just run the installer again from the live USB , choose the manual partitioning option ,and examine the drive table get inside your newly created drives and check if any one of them is flagged as bootable , all you have to do is to reformat the drive and un-check the make drive bootable option , your windows interface will run as usual and you should be able to use your MBR if you havent wrote the grub over it , at the end , two pieces of advice , use google and do some research before you start playing with your computer , and to install kali , use this technique to install kali "" just follow his lead

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