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Thread: Mitm Attacks +sslstrip fixed by updates?

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    Question Mitm Attacks +sslstrip fixed by updates?

    Hi there,
    i'm trying to reproduce a mitm sslstrip attack in my Network but it seems a fullpatched, firewalled Win7 machine refuses the connection, causing the sslstrip script to produce several traceback Errors and shutting down.
    I use the new x64 kali 1.0.6 and tryed it within virtual machines and stand alone boxes.

    Kali config:

    Ipv4 forward enabled
    iptables redirected to port 10000
    ettercap arp:remote connection between target & router
    sslstrip listening on port 10000

    Also tryed a dns spoofing which resluted in a redirection within chrome and the win7 machine to a
    google generated notification site, that the connection seems to be compromised, even redirecting
    to non ssl sites.

    Did anyone try mitm attacks recently or can confirm errors?

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    I can't confirm this for a Win7 machine, but I can confirm a similar issue running Kali in VMware Fusion and the target 'victim' is a Macbook running iOS 10.8.5 (browsers - Google CHROME and Safari)

    I've also tried arpspoof along with ettercap arp-poisoning to facilitate the MITM attack, but no luck. Just a few days ago, it was working fine for me (on non-SSL sites) but now I cannot load ANY sites from the victim machine i'm using.

    I've noticed that Kali is running an older version of iptables (1.4.14) and there is a new version of iptables avaliable over at NetFilter. Maybe updating iptables will possibly remedy this.?

    Pertinent info:
    Kali Linux 1.0.6 installed on VMWare Fusion 6 // Host Macbook Pro 2012 - Intel i7 core 2.9 GHz
    USB wireless adapter: Alfa AWUS036H - chipset Realtek RTL8187L
    iptables v1.4.14
    ettercap v0.8.0

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    Similar boat.

    Running 10.9.2 VMfusion with Kali 1.0.6 on MBP MD104LL/A maxed out on hardware. Local netbook running Kali successfully MiTM's target, but the VM just causes the target W7 machine to stall loading the browser & times out. Tried the echo "1" vs echo 1, and -k. Dropped the firewall on the the Mac, enabled ICS and created bridged eth0 in the VM. Have had success with an iPhone as a target, but running sslstrip outward from the VM to the target just stalls the target connection. Would greatly appreciate any advice, or if anyone has experienced the same of late.

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