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Thread: Running Kali Linux in a Docker container

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    Running Kali Linux in a Docker container


    I've created the Docker image linux/kali and tought maybe the Kali community would be interested in this. So if you want to run Kali within a Docker container on any Linux distribution all you should need to do is
    docker run -t -i linux/kali /bin/bash
    If you'd rather build your own base image you've got the buildscript on GitHub you can use as an example.

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    I got the image and it seems pretty cool. is there any way you know in how to make kali accessible from the host machine?
    to access it in a way like ssh root@<host_machine> -p 1234 ?? how do you set this up?
    I'm still new to docker and I want to see if there's more that I can do with it. I think information is not so well documented still

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    Yes, you can access it in different ways.
    If you're on the machine you can use "docker inspect <id>" to see your IP address etc. But why not just "docker attach" so you get to the console?
    Also you can make your docker instance access your LAN. Read this

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