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Thread: How To : Using AR5523 Wifi chipset on Kali

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    Lightbulb How To : Using AR5523 Wifi chipset on Kali

    Hello everyone !
    I'm new here and this is my first post in the forum , and in this thread i will explain how to use ar5523 wireless chipset with Kali-Linux because i had this problem for about 2 months until i finally got it working !

    Well lets start ! , This is an Installation guide from Debian Wiki :

    But sometimes after you finish these steps and reboot your system it doesn't work ! when you check on "lsusb" it shows that there IS an AR5523 device plugged in but does not have firmware !
    To resolve this you will need this file :

    and install it using the following commands (without the hashtags) :

    # tar xvf ar5523.tgz ar5523/uath-ar5523.bin --strip 1
    # mv uath-ar5523.bin /lib/firmware

    and you should be done !

    Hopefully this helped!

    P.S / I tried to enter the commands into a CODE area but it doesn't seem to work

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    hi lawchack.
    I have the same problem but with Kali 2.0. What Kali version are you using?

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