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Thread: TL-WN722N and KALI LINUX

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    TL-WN722N and KALI LINUX

    I have a TL-WN722N wifi adapter and Im running Kali Linux in VMware virtual machine. I go to removable devices in VMware and in ATHEROS USB2.0 WLAN choose CONNECT. The virtual machine recognize usb wireless antena and all the near wifi lans are listed in Network connections. But here come the strange situation. I can connect even in my own wifi lan (keeps me asking for the wireless key when I know and I put for certain the right key). In the other hand I run, vg, Wifite, and the wireless card cant connect and extract IVS and brake any wep key like with backtrack 5 and the same software and hardware cracks without a problem. Is weird. The so detects card but no action can be performed. Thanks in advance

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    Try enabling the encryption via software (not using firmware or hardware)
    1. modprobe -r ath9k
    2. modprobe nohwencrypt=1 ath9k

    If it works make it permanent from boot. Any doubt, let me know.

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    Hi guys, i have same problem when i use wifite. The adapter wifi it's TL-WN722N i have a toshiba satellite L50-B. i run kali linux on virtualbox machine, the problem is when i want to start wifite... i have only that loop with write, ENABLE MONITOR MODE WLAN0... i try to do first that (airmon-ng start - airmon-ng check - airmon-ng check kill) but still have the loop!!! please let me know if anyone know i can fix that problem.. thanks!

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