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Thread: Updating kali to 1.0.6 on BBB

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    Question Updating kali to 1.0.6 on BBB

    Completed the usual

    apt-get update
    agt-get dist-upgrade
    aptitude safe-upgrade

    Reboot -> still on 3.8 kernel

    Linux kali 3.8.13-bone26.1 #1 SMP Wed Aug 28 17:48:51 CDT 2013 armv7l GNU/Linu

    Currently working the theory that /boot/zImage needs regeneration (ARM Kernel image file); which the apt proccesses above are not doing.


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    The BBB image uses a 3.8 kernel. At the time of the 1.0.6 release, the 3.12 kernel still had a few different issues, so it was decided to stick with 3.8.

    If you would like to try a newer kernel, you can do the following:

    cd ~
    mkdir arm-stuff
    cd arm-stuff
    git clone
    cd kali-arm-build-scripts
    This installs things that are required to cross compile and build a Kali image for ARM machines.

    Since you want to try a newer kernel, you'll need to edit the file so

    To determine which kernel you want to try, you'll need to look at what kernels are available based on the tree that we use, which is located at

    HTML Code:
    Then you would change line 170 in the script, changing the option to -b to the branch you want to test. So if you wanted to try out the 3.12 kernel, you would change it from am33x-v3.8 to am33x-v3.12

    If you don't want it to compress and build sha1sums, then you can go to the bottom of the file, and comment out lines 242-247.

    Save the file, and then run

    ./ 1.0.6a
    Depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection, this will take a while, so go read up on the beaglebone black, ARM stuff in general, have a coffee, shower, book your flight to blackhat/defcon+hotel, work out, maybe head to sleep.

    Once the script is finished, the image will exist in /root/arm-stuff/kali-arm-build-scripts/beaglebone-black-1.0.6a

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