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Thread: Can using Live Kali USB cause a "Blue screen of death"?

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    Can using Live Kali USB cause a "Blue screen of death"?

    So i used a live kali linux usb in a friends computer to audit his wifi security, it was a simple WPA with WPS enable and was vulnerable to an attack using reaver, so i helped him disables WPS and everything was fine.

    His laptop is a netbook from ASUS running an uptodate verision of Windows 7 starter.

    The problem is:
    Even though his Laptop worked perfectly after my session with Kali linux During which i didnt modify or installed anything. Days later (5 or 7) he reported a BSOD (blue screen of death) error.
    My questions is:
    ┬┐Could this be my fault?
    I didnt installed anything
    I didnt moved anything
    I only used reaver, wash and airmon-zc.
    And the crash was reported days later.

    If, kali linux modified something that caused the crack, how can i check it?
    I dont feel like paying for his computer repair if it wasnt my fault.

    I will, upload the BSOD error once i have it. Im not with him right now....

    Thanks for your aid.
    P.S. Im not really sure this is the correct section to be posting this question. If it isnt im sorry and grateful for you assistance in moving it to its appropriated place.

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    Not that i know of but if you had a USB in your laptop and you have a broken USB or USB port (damage) you can have a BSOD. I have an ASUS A55V with a windows 7 and I have that problem.

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