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Thread: Kali mini help - Missing packages. How to upgrade to full

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    Kali mini help - Missing packages. How to upgrade to full

    Hi all, I had just recently downloaded the full 32 bit iso and ran the live version to get a taste of Kali-I'm a newbie-I liked it and decided to install it on my harddisk, but had an installation error. I ended deciding to install the mini version instead, but now realize that it doesnt come with all the tools of the full installation and I have no idea how to simply download the missing tools rather than hunting down each package individually. Sorry if this seems like a dumb question but any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you wish, you can grab the meta package of 'full' (apt-get install kali-linux-full) and it should pull all packages that comes with the standard install.
    root@kali~$ apt-cache search kali meta
    kali-linux - Kali Linux base system
    kali-linux-all - Kali Linux - all packages
    kali-linux-forensic - Kali Linux forensic tools
    kali-linux-full - Kali Linux complete system
    kali-linux-gpu - Kali Linux GPU tools
    kali-linux-pwtools - Kali Linux password cracking tools
    kali-linux-rfid - Kali Linux RFID tools
    kali-linux-sdr - Kali Linux SDR tools
    kali-linux-top10 - Kali Linux Top 10 tools
    kali-linux-voip - Kali Linux VoIP tools
    kali-linux-web - Kali Linux webapp assessment tools
    kali-linux-wireless - Kali Linux wireless tools
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    hey thanks, I feel so inept. I can't believe I couldnt find my solution on google! Thanks a bunch!

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    I must be missing something but the above is not working for me. I have tried several places to type it in but get errors each time.

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    similar thread. Make sure you have correct repositories in your sources.list - here is how.

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