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Thread: SSH Connections Freezing for Kali Linux

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    SSH Connections Freezing for Kali Linux

    A brief background:
    I have very little experience with Linux, primarily using Ubuntu 12.04 for the small amount of knowledge I do have. However, I am eager to learn more. A class I am taking is having a "war games" sort of session and Kali Linux is the distro that my team has selected to go about this.

    A brief description of problem:
    I am using PuTTY to remotely connect to my server hosting Kali. I SSH through 2 connections before using SSH a third time to access root of my system. However, often time SSH is very slow or non-responsive when accessing Kali. After I input ssh root@[my IP] sometimes the cursor just lingers and nothing happens. If I am fortunate I will be able to successfully connect after being allowed to input my password. My true problem arises after I connect to the Kali server. The terminal just freezes after a few commands. For instance, I entered "ls bin" and it froze. I tried again after reconnecting and it started to list the contents and then froze during the display. (It never returned to "root@[serverName]") I can only use escape sequences such as "~." to terminate the connection.

    Necessary details:
    Kali Linux 1.0.6, 64 bit is the version I am using
    Kali Linux was installed via USB
    The system accesses the internet via a wired connection
    I have approximately 32% or 33% loss when I ping my IP address

    Is there something I must configure in Kali to stop the connection from hanging?

    P.S. - Please let me know if I am missing vital details as I don't know what other data could help give more information about my situation. Also, this is not a connection timeout. Even when I am feeding commands and typing in the terminal it will still freeze. My input is also greatly delayed and lagging.

  2. It sounds to me you have a really unstable internet connection or your Kali server is underpowered. If you are able to ssh in with the only issue being stalls and slowdown, I would like to get some troubleshooting info to help you out.

    On the Kali server how much free memory do you have including swap space? On the host machine you are using to connect to Kali, what kind of internet connection are you using? Are you on a dedicated connection or is it shared?
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    Hello charonsecurity, sorry for taking so long to reply. I have been quite busy. I ended up solving the problem. There was a problem with the network I was using and the administrator has apparently taken care of it. But what I personally did was set my IP to static, changed the connection to managed instead of unmanaged, restarted the SSH service in etc/init.d/ and then restarted the server. Everything appears to work find and I no longer have a bad connection to the server. Thank you. I was connected via ethernet to a router that 6 other computers shared. Everyone else was also having problems as well

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