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Thread: Grub>Windows does not show up.

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    Grub>Windows does not show up.

    I was attempting to make Windows 8.1 my default boot and it disappeared from my boot list! Now Im stuck on Kali and I dont know how to use it!! LOL!

    I remember I was just a wee lad. Skipping down the google brick road. When my eye caught something shiny! It was a Ubuntu forum about changing the boot order! I then remember yelling at the top of my lungs:
    vi /root/grub/grub.cfg
    and the CFG yelled back at me at which point I snatched the words
    **** DEFAULT="0"
    erased them from existance and wrote them again at the bottom of the CFG; right after the very last 'FI' statement. I continued on my merry way until I found dark woods all around me. And I could not find my way home again. Even though I found maps every 10 feet.

    How the $@#% do I load Windows 8.1 back into grub!? I think the Windows boot record is on ****0 and Windows itself is on ****1.

    Much sad! Many upset!

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    apt-get install startup-manager. it should be in Administrator of the system tools, run it and pick windows8 as the default startup.
    did you make a backup of the grub before edited? if you did put the copy back. if not just reinstall kali and it should grab windows8 during the grub installation.
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    Install os prober then run update-grub it'll show

    apt-get install os-prober

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    Thank you for your replies! Ill have to remember OS Prober next time. But I ended up reinstalling the whole thing. And managed to find a better tutorial on how to change the boot order. Strangely simple for all the trouble I went through.

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