Hello all,

I'm currently running an installed Kali in VirtualBox 4.3.8 . I've been using the usb wifi dongle Zyxel G-202 which works out of the box for quite some time now but today, the dongle stopped working. Whenever I connect the dongle to the host port, virtualbox detects it correctly, then I connected it to the virtual machine from the devices menu as usual. However, the command "ifconfig wlan0 up" gives me an error of " SIOCSIFFLAGS: Connection timed out. "

At first I suspected that the dongle is broken but when I tried to use it in a windows 7 laptop, it works flawlessly. Then I reinstalled virtualbox, downgrade to 4.3.6 but the problem still exist.

Can someone shed some light on how I should proceed?

Thanks in advance.