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Thread: how to enable wifi in kali 1.0.6 amdX64

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    how to enable wifi in kali 1.0.6 amdX64

    Hello friends,

    i have recently installed kali 1.0.6 amdX64 in my laptop internal hard drive, but i am getting some problems like given below

    i have sony vaio F15218 laptop & it contains following Hardware:

    1.(Broadcom) BCM43142 wireless network adaptor.

    2.Chipset is RTL8168b/8111b

    current problem is wifi adaptor is not detecting any wifi hotspot.

    when i was using backtrack 5r3 the error seen like "Unsupported chipset 0x10812041" RTL8168b/8111b. this error is also showing in my current kali linux.

    please help me asap


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    Have a look here

    There is also a few firmware updates available....

    What I do is from a terminal type apt-get update and then go to the applications menu and select what I want to install
    you should find the bcm firmware/driver there - maybe that will solve your problem


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    thanks for your reply but i could not found any kind of drivers for concerned chipset & network adaptors

    please provide me if you have any driver or solution.

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