I bought a new ultrabook, a E45T-A4100. Initially my issue was the touchpad(clickpad) was not recognized at all. I installed the synaptics drivers using apt-get. I am using kde, and I have also installed the kde-config-touchpad. Now the touchpad(clickpad) is recognized by kali as an Elan touchpad, however it does not work at all. I have verified it loaded in /etc/bus/devices/input. I have used the evtest tool, and verified the issue is caused by the fact that while kali is loading the driver, and recognizing the device it does not recognize pressure being applied on the device, either in the form of a click, or a dragging fingers.

Can I get some help resolving my issue. I would be happy to post any logs, or outputs that you would like.

PS, the Elan Touchscreen works, so does my external wireless mouse.