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Thread: Make ISO persistent boot argument permanent.

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    Make ISO persistent boot argument permanent.

    I want to run Kali live (1.0.6 32 bit) off of a USB. I know how to set up a persistent volume I just need to know a way to keep the arguement there so I don't need to type in "persistent" every time I boot. I tried changing the ISO to add it to live.cfg but the image wouldn't boot/in virtual box it came up with a checksum error. I only have access to a windows computer right now. Thank you!

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    Start your pc with another OS(like windows),plugin USB,in the syslinux folder on your usb you should see a few files wich can be opened by any text editor. I cant remember exactly wixh file to edit,syslinux.*** or isolinux.***,but you should see one with the defoult boot parameters,and you must add persistence to the line

    sorry i'm this vague,if i was home i would've checked it for you

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    You can find the live-build documentation here ->
    There's also an example of how to modify the boot parameters in a live-build ISO here ->

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    There is an isolinux directory with several menu configuration files such as isolinux.cfg and live.cfg on the first partition. live.cfg appears to have the main boot options, that you mention. However this is on the first partition which is listed as a hidden hpfs/ntfs partition and refuses to mount as anything other than a read-only iso9660 partition, so although I can access the file, I can't save any changes. Any suggestions for accessing these files as read/write? I tried to ask this very question before only to be sent a "warning" from the moderator for supposedly posting before reading the documentation. He insists that this topic is covered in the documentation, but it isn't. I have searched he documentation both for kali and the forums, but this is the only place my situation is mentioned.

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