Hello all, as you can see from the thread title, I have two problems relate to Kali but I thought it would be unnecessary to make two threads in quick succession.

The first problem is that I cannot successfully do an "export DISPLAY" when I am running Kali. I've tried using export display on a virtual machine with Kali so I can see the gui of the machine I am SSH'ing into. I have also tried to export DISPLAY when I am on a dedicated PC running Kali on the subnet. Is it even possible to export DISPLAY over VM? How do I go about doing this so I can view GUIs of other machines.

The bigger problem is that I am having problems with my IP address. I believe the problem is that my IP is not static. After a while, my machine on the subnet (192.168.x.x) no longer connects through the proxy and using 'ifconfig' returns the IP address of the building (10.x.x.x). What am I doing wrong and how can I ensure that my IP address does not keep shifting? I keep losing SSH access to my own machine due to this.

Both the VM and dedicated machine use Kali Linux 1.0.6 (32 bit version).