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Thread: Kali installed on a netbook. Change the theme to Backtrack's theme?

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    Kali installed on a netbook. Change the theme to Backtrack's theme?

    I have Kali 1.06 installed on my Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 and the default GUI is entirely too chunky for the laptop's tiny 1024x600 resolution. I fired up the live CD for Backtrack 5r3 an the default theme is quite usable on this laptop. Is there a way to install that default theme on Kali?

    I have Kali 1.03 installed on my other small laptop but the native resolution of 1366x768 works better with Kali's default theme but it's still annoyingly chunky.

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    You may wish to move away from GNOME.

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    I personally like XFCE:
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