So I have been attempting to install Kali on my laptop for the last day... successfully; however, not really. Ha. Installs go well other than the fact that if I choose to go LVM FDE, the formatting of my 240g SSD takes over 3 hours. I actually went to buy a second SSD because I thought my first was shitsville only to receive the same result. Upon booting the system, the Volume group is "not found", it skips over my volume group and tells me that it is unable to find LVM volume name/root - proceeding into my encryption password. When I get into the desktop and open computer, nautilus tells me:

"250GB Solid-state Disk: 250 GB Unrecognized"

If I right click and attempt to mount it asks for authorization. So I try my encryption password (unsuccessfully), followed by my root password(which works) and leads me into a "Unable to mount location \break One or more block devices are holding /dev/dm-0"

If anyone has had this issue please please please give me some direction. I must have reinstalled the OS 3 times overs as well as creating a GParted boot disk in an attempt to completely clean the system between installs. At my wits end!


PS. forgive me any imperfections, I am posting at the end of a very long 12 hour shift!