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Thread: display problems after usb install

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    display problems after usb install

    First, I'd like to comment that this is my first post. This is also my first time using Linux. Any suggestions or advice that you give, please explain it in Barney style. Hopefully one day I'll be in a position to help others with their problems.

    My computer is a HP 6815nr.

    The specs:

    I followed all the steps to make a Kali Linux flash drive. Everything seems to work except the display.

    Here's what I observed.
    Right after Grub loader auto selects the 1st option. Text is displayed on the screen. At first, the text is normal, but then as the screen clears and it goes through a series of checks, the text appears to have a double effect. I see double of text, with some of the original overlapping the doubled portion.

    After the text is gone and the desktop is shown. Again the same problem, except this time everything seems off centered and doubled. Even the wallpaper logo is distorted. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I'm not a GNU/Linux expert but thanks to the laptop specs I've seen that the laptop has NVIDIA GeForce Go 7150M graphic card, so just follow these steps to install the NVIDIA driver

    Hope this helps

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    It didn't work. Thanks for suggestion. To give a better explanation of how my screen looks, it's as if everything on my screen has been shifted to the right. When you move an opened window to off the screen on the right side, it appears on the left side of the screen... but in two spots. As I said before. The grub loader text is normal, but as soon as it begins loading kali Linux the text has the same issue. It displays distorted text with lots of the text overlapping.

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    Please, post the directory : /etc/modprobe.d

    To be able to do it just enter 'recovery mode" in groob menu.

    It seems to me like the nouveau driver is not blacklisted. Again, post the directory content.

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