I am having the problem that my system wont boot anymore. Actually I don't have any clue what could cause this problem, yesterday it was working my PC was shut down and today grub is not found or missing. There was no change on the harddrives or partitions or anything else - just using pyrit :P

When it boots to grub I only see GRUB _ with blinking cursor. no boot menu - nothing.

Also tried to fix it but grub-install /dev/sda gives me following error:
root@kali:/# grub-install /dev/sda
/usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: This GPT partition label has no BIOS Boot Partition; embedding won't be possible!.
/usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Embedding is not possible.  GRUB can only be installed in this setup by using blocklists.  However, blocklists are UNRELIABLE and their use is discouraged..
/usr/sbin/grub-setup: error: will not proceed with blocklists.

/dev/sda has 3 partition:
root@ozo:~# parted -l
Model: ATA SanDisk SDSSDX24 (scsi)
Disk /dev/sda: 240GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: gpt

Number  Start   End     Size    File system     Name  Flags
 1      1049kB  35.0GB  35.0GB  ext4                  boot
 2      35.0GB  40.0GB  5000MB  linux-swap(v1)
 3      40.0GB  240GB   200GB   ext4
via super grub disk I was able to boot my system but this solution should only be temporally!

Can anyone help me to restore my grub?
What could cause this behavior?
Or should I convert it back to MBR partitions? Pros and cons?

Thanks in advance