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Thread: "Software Update" cant download few updates

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    "Software Update" cant download few updates

    hello all ,
    im using "software update" in kali

    all working fine for many update tread ,
    but "software update" dont download these tread :

    -GPU password cracker ( oclhashcat-1.01-1kali2 (32bit) (kali2)
    -Penetration testing and exploit developement tools (kali0)
    -Framework for exploit developement & vulnerability research (kali0)
    -Transitional dummy packtage ( oclhashcat lite (kali2))
    -Transitional dummy packtage ( oclhashcat plus (kali2))

    i think this probleme is from kali mirror serveur ?
    ( i see only kali0 & kali2 ( kali serveur mirror name ?))

    anyway to add mirror for download from other mirror ?
    or other way to update ?

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    yes, I experiece this also. I do

    apt-get update
    in a console and everything goes fine.

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