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Thread: Is Kali for me? Asking for an SDR distro opinion...

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    Is Kali for me? Asking for an SDR distro opinion...

    I know you tech-heads are tired of hearing questions like this so I will start with what I am looking for, and then go a little deeper about it. I need tech-head opinions so I can save time fishing for a distro that will give me the most solid base for my project.

    I love SDR and when I was a kid, I dreamed of a day when DSP's could emulate hardware in audio, and software could rule tuning and demodulating of signals on specific frequencies! Now that we are there, I am somewhat ashamed that my needs are only that of Digital FM broadcasts. I will expand later, but for now, this is what I want to do. I am hoping Kali is the distro I can build on to make this happen.

    I need to be able to write C++ (or other languages, Perl, Python, Java even) that can control a USB dongle. NooElec TV28T v2 USB DVB-T & RTL-SDR Receiver, RTL2832U & R820T Tuner to be precise. I need my code to be able to tune to a frequency, and record the output. Since this is a Digital FM project, recording the audio is fine. I can figure out how to encode it to MP3 later on. I would love to control this process via daemon if possible.

    I don't need to know HOW to do it, I can handle that. I just want to know if it is possible. Too many times I have traveled down deep, dark, rabbit holes only to find out at the end that I can't do what I want. Knowing that it is possible is enough to push on and do it! =)

    I am hoping I can do this with a Beaglebone Black. I am at the stage where I have a BBB, the mentioned RTL2832U (R820T is what I really care about), powered USB HUB, USB hard drive, 8gb flash card, and ready to pick a distro that works with ARMHF.

    I am already doing what I want in Windows XP using the dongle, Sound Forge 10, and SDR#. But I have to interact with each day's recording event and I want to fully automate it. In LINUX.

    I have a little experience with embedded linux rigs (Raspberry Pi) and booting from a portable hard drive. I see it is possible with the BBB also. Just need to pick a distro and hopefully get any advice I can about CLI controlling the dongle.

    Thank you so very much for your time!

    Oh, this is for personal use and not a commercial venture at all. I feel that if you can buy it, you can build it better, and code it even better than that. This is all me for my home and family. I hope I came to the right place for info. Kali seems to be the choice of SDR enthusiasts.

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    i wont read all this , you dont tell the story of your life here ,anyway , kali is as good as any debian for programming whatever it is , and debian is pretty good if you ask me , also kali will prevail on other distros coz it got everything you might need for programming and general debugging , of course you'll have to install your other applications , tweak the distro so it's suitable for everyday use , you just need to have some linux background , a week or two using google , everything will be OK and it's Kali is as solid as it can get

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    not sure if this is what you want as I didn't read your mini-series... lol

    but take a look here. I use kali as my EDC (everyday carry), my main OS. it does almost everything i need it to do. i am only limited to myself. this is ROCK SOLID SYSTEM

    root@kali:~# apt-cache search eclipse
    ecj - standalone version of the Eclipse Java compiler
    ecj-gcj - standalone version of the Eclipse Java compiler (native version)
    eclipse - Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE
    eclipse-anyedit - Adds additional tools to the context menu of text-based Eclipse editors
    eclipse-cdt - C/C++ Development Tools for Eclipse
    eclipse-cdt-autotools - Autotools support for Eclipse CDT
    eclipse-cdt-jni - C/C++ Development Tools for Eclipse (JNI)
    eclipse-cdt-pkg-config - pkg-config support for Eclipse C/C++ development tools
    eclipse-cdt-valgrind - Valgrind integration for Eclipse CDT
    eclipse-cdt-valgrind-remote - Valgrind integration for Eclipse CDT (remote launch)
    eclipse-egit - Eclipse Team provider for the Git version control system
    eclipse-egit-mylyn - Mylyn integration for EGit
    eclipse-emf - Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)
    eclipse-emf-examples - Eclipse EMF/XSD examples
    eclipse-emf-sdk - Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) - (Source/Documentation)
    eclipse-gef - Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework
    eclipse-gef-doc - Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (documentation)
    eclipse-jdt - Eclipse Java Development Tools (JDT)
    eclipse-mercurialeclipse - Mercurial DVCS integration for Eclipse
    eclipse-mylyn - Task-Focused Interface for Eclipse
    eclipse-mylyn-builds-hudson - Mylyn Hudson/Jenkins Connector
    eclipse-mylyn-context-cdt - Mylyn context integration for Eclipse CDT
    eclipse-mylyn-context-jdt - Task support for Eclipse JDT
    eclipse-mylyn-context-pde - Task support for Eclipse PDE
    eclipse-mylyn-tasks-bugzilla - Mylyn Bugzilla Connector
    eclipse-mylyn-tasks-trac - Mylyn Trac Connector
    eclipse-mylyn-versions-cvs - Mylyn version control integration for CVS
    eclipse-mylyn-wikitext - Mylyn WikiText
    eclipse-pde - Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment (PDE)
    eclipse-platform - Eclipse platform without development plug-ins
    eclipse-platform-data - Eclipse platform without development plug-ins (data)
    eclipse-rcp - Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP)
    eclipse-rse - Eclipse Remote System Explorer (RSE)
    eclipse-xsd - XML Schema Definition (XSD) for Eclipse
    eclipse-xsd-sdk - XML Schema Definition (XSD) for Eclipse - (Source/Documentation)
    gcj-4.6-source - GCJ java sources for use in IDEs like eclipse and netbeans
    gcj-4.7-source - GCJ java sources for use in IDEs like eclipse and netbeans
    libcommons-jci-eclipse-java - common Java interface for various compilers - Eclipse JDT
    libdevel-refactor-perl - Perl module for code refactoring
    libecj-java - Eclipse Java compiler (library)
    libecj-java-gcj - Eclipse Java compiler (native library)
    libeclipselink-java - Eclipse Persistence Services Project
    libeclipselink-java-doc - Documentation for libeclipselink-java
    libgeronimo-jpa-2.0-spec-java - Geronimo JSR-317 Java Persistence (JPA) 2.0 Spec API
    libgeronimo-jpa-2.0-spec-java-doc - Documentation for libgeronimo-jpa-2.0-spec-java
    libsdo-api-java - Service Data Objects 2.1 Java API spec
    libsdo-api-java-doc - Documentation for libsdo-api-java
    pleiades - Japanese Language package for Eclipse using Dynamic AOP, Pleiades
    python-django-app-plugins - plugin system for django
    nvidia-nsight - NVIDIA Nsight Eclipse Edition
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    Kali has a lot of SDR tools and drivers included in it by default. You can see which ones are included by looking at the 'kali-linux-sdr' section at the following link:;hb=HEAD

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