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Thread: Wireless card detected as ethernet when running Kali as guest in VM

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    Wireless card detected as ethernet when running Kali as guest in VM

    Hello all,
    I am new to Kali Linux and just set up my virtual machine today. I have managed to get most aspects of networking working fine, but my wireless card (a built-in Realtek RTL8723AE) is detected as eth1 (my ethernet adapter is eth0). I am running Kali Linux version 1.0.6 with GNOME under VirtualBox 4.3.10. Normal internet access works fine, but the problem is that I cannot use airocrack-ng or other such tools, as I have no interface to put into monitor mode. In the VirtualBox settings, I have my wifi card set up as a bridged adapter with the Paravirtualized Network setting selected. Promiscuous mode is enabled on all networks.

    I found some threads which seemed related, but I am not really sure of an answer. The first thread I found was here: However, this deals with a USB dongle and the issue seems to be that the device is not supported for monitor/promiscuous mode (unless I misunderstood? I will admit freely to my lack of knowledge).

    I also found this thread, which seems more helpful: However, the thread ends with this comment: "You will not have any wireless connection INSIDE the guest environment. They will all look like a wired one because VirtualBox right now has no way of creating a wireless virtual device. It only creates a wired one. – Luis Alvarado"

    Is this true? Or is there some way to have the VM connect directly to the wireless adapter, without VirtualBox's fake "ethernet connection" as an intermediary?
    If you are wondering, I know that my wireless card does in fact support monitor mode, as I got it working on Arch back when I had a dual boot setup. I had to reinstall Windows due to bootloader issues, though, (accidentally deleted my EFI partition. whoops.), and decided to stick to virtualization now.

    Thank you for your time.

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    I use VMware and that is one of the charateristics of that software too (if Memory Serves Me Right) unless booted up directly from a live cd/usb.

    You will have to purchase a usb wifi adapter if you want to use kali in a vm environment, as I said this is with vmware but sounds the same as your problem.


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    All right, thanks for your quick reply. I may look into that then.

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    I've got the same problem with VirtualBox on OS-X. My plan is to buy a USB WLAN Stick which I passthrough to the Kali VM.
    Does someone have some shopping recommendations for me and my specific setup? I read the thread , but I was actually thinking of a more compact solution (USB stick). Maybe someone here knows a good solution?

    Thanks in advance,


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