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Thread: Can not login as root after deleting other account

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    Unhappy Can not login as root after deleting other account

    Hi everyone , i have a serious issue in my kali linux .
    i have the normal boot as root , but sometime ago i created another administrator .
    3 days ago i deleted that administrator from computer , leaving only the default user witch is root .
    now my kali does the normal boot but when it gets that part to show the login box , it just do not appear nothing !!!!
    the screen stays black with the cursor only in the display , and it does not get to the login box .
    any solution on the recovery boot to fix this ?

    note : i saw some people talking about the xorg.conf file witch belongs to the graphic card , my issue is not graphic card , everything boots fine until the part where supposed to appear the login box , and that does not show even waiting hours for it .

    please do not tell me to re-install everything (if you are going to say that then do not even write it) .

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    update : i disabled the autologin daemon.conf over etc/gdm3 with vim , but it stays the same .
    i know this is not windows , so ... i will dare to just ask .
    is there anyway over the command line in recovery mode , to restore old deleted user ? or old deleted user files ?
    i am really stuck in this , my luck is that my laptop is dual boot , so , until i fix my kali i am on xp .

    common guys , you guys are pros in this , i am sure that someone knows some trick to get around this issue .
    i can activate wifi devices and have access over internet to pick some package if necessary .
    thanks again

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    ok , i have been around this issue for some days and it looks that the only solution is to deleted the partition of linux and re-install the os again .
    if you have a dual boot OS , the go to your other OS and copy your personal important files to that partition .
    after that , delete your linux partition and install everything from the beginning .
    then , after kali installation you can move those files again to your new linux partition .
    In some cases , the syntoms is graphic card drivers , and you only need to delete the xorg.conf in etc/x11/ folder , to system return to default configuration .
    this case was not .

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    Try this, boot from recovery mode at grub menu.

    When in terminal, login as root, see if you can login, if so, then type startx.

    See if it works.

    If you cannot login, we can recover root password, but first try what I posted above.

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    i tested everything , alst days and i went to a conclusion that the better solution was installing everything again , i backed up all the important scrips over windows OS with linux reader .
    thanks anyway for the help

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