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Thread: is it a good idea to manually upgrade to Gnome 3.8 or 3.10 ?

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    Question is it a good idea to manually upgrade to Gnome 3.8 or 3.10 ?

    Well , am using the 3.4 gnome desktop which came with kali (of course i had to activate it coz kali runs in fallback mode in default) , but i have been thinking lately to upgrade manually to 3.8....will it be a good idea or should i wait till it comes native with kali , noting that kali is my default OS and i can't afford it to break ....also i've been thinking about trying the newly released 3.14 linux kernel ...also is that a good idea ? the instructions for the upgrades are easily available online...but none for kali specifically so my question is will i bump into any n foreseen trouble due to ....i donno , anything??

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    NO! Don't invite that monstrosity yet specially if you're using GPU acceleration. Breaks Kali badly.

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    thanx , even though am dying to try gnome 3.10

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