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Thread: Live USB works...booting to installed partition on HD hangs...

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    Live USB works...booting to installed partition on HD hangs...

    Before I begin with my issue, let me state that I love the Kali distro...nicely done.

    I have an Alienware 14X that runs the Live USB image flawlessly, but when I try booting to my Kali partition on my HD, it hangs and will not continue to login screen.

    Funny thing, is it sometimes it does load up and I'm able to use it. With it being so temperamental, I'm not able to use it as much as I'd like to.

    It gives all sorts of errors and warnings, no matter if I reinstalled with a new image after wiping out the partition. Portmapping, USB, HDA, sometimes mousepad errors as well. Anyone else having these issues with this?

    I will post a shot of the start up screen shortly.

    Last night I boot up from the USB then shutdown and then rebooted to the partition on the disk. It worked great. This morning, I boot right into Kali Linux no issue. If i have to use the Windows 7 partition, the Kali bootup sequence will hang and not go to login screen. I'm wondering if it has an issue with GRUB?

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    If you have installed it on HD, It seems to me like you have Filesystem issues. And my question is:

    What did you do to install kali in the HD partition?..How did you created it?..What Filesystem did you use ?..

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    Thanks for the be honest, I don't remember...I think I may of used a disk tool on Windows 7 and then installed right from the USB. I installed it a couple of months ago. Should I wipe the partition and use GParted?

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    I seem to have fixed it. I wiped out the partition and found the instructions to installing Kali on a dual boot machine with Windows 7 using GParted on the Kali web site. Working quite well now.

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