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Thread: Pwnstar9.0 bugs

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    Pwnstar9.0 bugs

    From the Pwnstar9.0 main menu

    When using item 4 Simple web server with DNS Spoof, there is no assurance that the phishing page will be shown on the targets computer. The author notes there is a problem with the dns cache but we think part of the problem remains with the dnsspoof program itself

    There is a bug at line 742

    if [[ apusage = 4 ]];then

    should read

    if [[ $apusage = 4 ]];then

    However correcting this did not alter the phishing page problem significantly.Musket Teams have rewritten the iptables for this entry and gotten the program to function for most simple addresses when not providing internet access to the target. But providing internet access with item 4 has still not been solved, therefore we are hesitant to release these changes and hope the author will make the apporpriate corrections as he sees fit.

    We suggest users use item 9a in the menu selection even when WPA phishing. In this case you will need to import the phishing files into the /var/www/portal_hotspot. If you are using Musket Teams WPA Phishing pages place the two background images in the /var/www/ folder or the main background will not be shown.

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