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Thread: Two ethernet cards

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    Two ethernet cards

    Currently I have two ways of Connecting to internet ie., I am using two broadband connections they are Hathaway broadband and airtel broadband through two ethernet cards one is built into motherboard and another external,they all connect to my access switch S5700-28C-EI.

    I am able to browse internet using any of the above connections. The issue is Hathaway broadband is frequently disconnecting and airtel broadband is providing services without interruption.
    Hathaway is providing data download at very low cost and airtel is providing data download at very high cost.

    When I issued the command ifconfig it is showing message as Hathaway is assigned to eth0 and airtel is assigned to eth1.

    I want to achieve the following goals
    1)when I download any file the system must use Hathaway ie., eth0
    2)when the Hathaway broadband disconnects the system must immediately switch to airtel broadband ie., eth1
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