I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, if not, my apologies. I am currently running Kali-linux-all 1.0.6 with LXDE on a Toughbook U1 Ultra 64GB HDD install. When changing BIOS setting from Tablet to Touchscreen the screen no longer registers anything but the corners for any input. Meaning, if I were to click to open the /usr folder located on my desktop; it will instead select the nearest corner and register a left click there. Several other issues that I have found and not been able to get solutions too are, no sound no matter what I try, no possibility to emulate right click with hotkey or with long press, the indicator lights for Shift, Ctrl, Alt, and Fn do not light, and sticky keys does nothing, and the 8 additional front panel keys; APP 1,2 APP 3,4 the scroll bar and zoom bar are not registered in xterm xev so nonfunctional. Any ideas and help would be very much appriciated!