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Thread: How to Speed up Pyrit "lines per second" (lines/s)?

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    Question How to Speed up Pyrit "lines per second" (lines/s)?

    Hey guys, I have an Alienware aurora with 8GB's of RAM, i7 intel processor, and a NVIDIA (CUDA enabled) graphics card.

    I've successfully installed drivers for CUDA and they work fine with pyrit, it generates the tables in minutes, but my question is, how do you speed up the "lines read" in pyrit?

    When I first start import_passwords, it's going at around 800,000 lines/s, but after like 15 minutes, that number starts to gradually decline until it eventually slows down to around 7,500 lines/s where it stays for the rest of the time. As you might know, at that speed, it would take me months to go through some larger wordlists!

    Is there anyway to speed up the "lines/s" speed or at least keep it at a constant 800,000 lines/s? Does every system do this?

    Thank you for your answers!

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    Change default ‘workunit_size‘ in Pyrit’s configuration file in ~/.pyrit/config.
    I think the default value is 75000 .. you might want to bump it up and see how that spans out for you.
    Good Luck.

    p.s. when importing passwords, use import_unique_passwords flag to get rid of dupes.

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