Musket Teams have rewritten PwnStar9.0 in an effort to improve WPA Phishing success.

The following features have been added.

1. Reference the Basic Menu item 4) Simple Web Server with dnspoof. IP Tables have been rewritten specifically for that selection, to improve WPA Phishing when no internet access is provided.

2. A new interactive phishing page has been constructed allowing the user to have PwnStar 9.0-mv1.2 insert the target routers' make, model and other deails into the phishing main page as required by the user. This web page will be in the routerwpa3 folder found in the downoad.

You can download the file at:

This zip file contains:

routerwpa3 folder
a. formdata.txt
b. index.html
c. processs-form-data.php
Install instructions - pwnstar9.0mv1.2.txt

This is a Musket Team Release