I 've been trying for a few days the stupid , nvidia driver to get to work. For next time , I have a lenovo Y580 laptop with an Nvidia M660 + Intel CPU and Intel 4000. Kali 1.0.6 is installed on USB persistence mode. apt-get update and apt-get upgrade is on clean installation running bevor

I 've followed these instructions http://www.blackmoreops.com/2014/03/...er-kali-linux/

However, without success. was just a black screen again .

Had held for me of this manual


1.0.6 fully updated 64bit . I've never tried the 32bit.

Keep in mindthat makes the drivers work and makes optirun work . But cuda and cudahashcat will not work . But I guess it's a step in the right direction .

Something along lines thesis (sorry, on my phone )

Fully update kali

Nano / etc / apt / sources.list


deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian wheezy -backports main contrib non-free


Apt -get update

Apt -get install linux -headers- $ ( uname - r)

cd ~
Wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/virt....3.3_amd64.deb

dpkg - I virtualgl_2.3.3_amd64.deb

Nano / etc / profile

Add / opt / VirtualGL to your path (double check this location, the folder will contain container glxspheres64 . )

Save and logout and then in.

sudo dpkg - add- architecture i386 && sudo apt- get update && sudo apt- get install -t lenny -backports bumblebee - nvidia primus primus -libs : i386

That will take a while.

Use optirun glxspheres64

That command shoulderstand make a window Appear with a decent fps. Run just glxspheres64 on its own and it shoulderstand be much less. This shows When You Are using the video card .

Any errors about gpu not avalible follow the troubleshooting at the end of the bumblebee wiki , theywill sort you out .


Remember to remove the entry in the sources.list and maybe to apt-get clean && apt- get update

Again, no success, only black schrim . I followed troubleshooting problem with
Troubleshooting Step A: Fixing black screen with a cursor problem-

Simply press CTRL + ALT + F1 and login .

Type the Following

nvidia- xconfig

Without success .....

Some Body say, its the Version 1.0.6 and the Kernel is the problem...

Please help

lsmod | grep nvidia

Nvidia 9442880 28

lsmod | grep nouveau

dosnt exist